I’m back.

Hello, friends. It has been an exceptionally long time since I have written anything for my blog. Or posted on my blog’s instagram or even thought about my blog. But recently, I was thinking long and hard about the last time that I felt genuinely happy in myself and in my life. And it kept coming back to this blog! This blog had helped me to get more creative, to practice more self care, and to get healthier. And I was happy and proud of myself when I was pouring my energy into it. So, as I was driving the other day, I thought, “Wait, I think I really miss it.” So I am back.

If you have stuck around and are willing to dive back into this space with me, then thank you so much. If you are new, then welcome. Below I put together a list of what I have learned or gone through in my time away from my blog. I also included pictures from a day with my cousin in the woods and fields near where we live. There’s a story behind one of the pictures so keep scrolling if you’d like to learn more. I look forward to getting reacquainted with you all again.


What I have learned:

  1. I’ve learned that getting away, taking a break, or giving yourself time to just figure out what you want to do with your life is a really important thing to do. I had no idea where I was going with my blog and after going through a rough period of time, I knew I couldn’t inspire readers or anyone on the internet if I, myself, didn’t feel happy or inspired. Making sure I was doing well, and was enthusiastic about my blog again, was the first step.

2.  I figured out that life is messy, chaotic, and sad sometimes and that is okay. I’m only 24 years old. Sometimes, it feels like I need to have it all figured out when I see what other people have or had accomplished by my age. But I also know that the majority of us are young, broke, and so unsure of what to do in our lives. We spend our weekends drinking too much or researching grad school or asking our friends what to do about the guy we don’t really like anymore. It’s okay to accept those characteristics and flaws and continue to be vulnerable anyway. Life isn’t perfect and our plans don’t always work out and it’s okay as long as we keep striving to move forward and be better.


3. It’s okay to fall off the wagon. When I had this blog, like I said earlier, I was in good shape, ate healthier, and was more inspired to create content. But after about a year of giving it my all, I kind of gave up. I stopped working out as much and stopped focusing on my healthy lifestyle and to be honest, tried to find happiness and fulfillment in other places that weren’t all that happy or fulfilling. I also started eating Wendy’s way more than I should’ve. (Don’t do it.)


4. I told myself that as long as I looked like I had it together, then I did, sort of. Wrong. Acting like I am doing well on social media or to my friends or family is not the same as doing well. Buying new clothes or home decor or going out to dinner or on vacation doesn’t equal a life in control. In fact, if you’re not doing everything with the right intentions, you might as well not be doing them. Through the revamp of my blog, I am going to try to be more honest with you all. If I’m feeling negative or crappy or something chaotic or messy happens to me, I will share it with you.


5. The Story: In the picture above, you’ll see a valley. When I was recently talking to or dating my very first boyfriend, I remember traveling from his house and getting lost trying to make my way home. I was probably 19 at the time and almost 5 years ago, I still remember passing this valley as the sun was setting and feeling an overwhelming sense of peace.The fear of being lost and confused at the time disappeared and I thought, wow. It was like God, himself, was saying “It’s going to be just fine.” I asked my cousin to go with me back to this valley with me. I wanted to feel the same sense of peace. I wasn’t sure I would even find the same exact spot again. After all, I had found it by accident. But I did find it. And we managed to walk along this path and I felt so happy to be able to see it again in all it’s beauty. It was different up close and had a different light this time. But it felt good, all the same. And I hope, even though the blog will be approached in a different light and some time later, that I find myself involved in a new, happy way.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all very soon. xx



  1. Love this Carlie! Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing what God has been teaching you this year. I really hope the very best for you and look forward to reading your future posts 🙂


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