my go-to dinners

Let’s jump right into this – I am someone who loves to eat healthy. However, by the time I get home during the week around 6 pm, I am often super tired already and looking for a lazy way to make a delicious dinner before dropping in front of the TV for a bit to watch Ozark. Making buddha bowls is the perfect solution. When I go grocery shopping, I remember to buy a few bases (like quinoa, noodles, or rice), some protein (salmon, tofu, or chicken) and then veggies. The ingredients themselves are never too expensive, which is awesome. Plus, the outcome is a really delicious and easy meal.

kale + sweet potato


For all of the bowls, I roast my veggies at 400° for like 30-40 min. This definitely changes  based on the veggie, however. For kale or string beans, I would only roast them for about 10 min. For something like potatoes or brussels sprouts, they can go in the oven for 35-40 min. It really just depends on what kind of crispiness you’re looking for and I always check on the veggies in between. I am no expert, so if you’re unsure (like me) check online and then divide your veggies up accordingly.

tofu bowl


For the bowl above, I sprinkled truffle oil and parsley on top and it was amazing!! Some people, like my mom, hate truffle oil. So- for each bowl the dressing is totally up to your taste buds. These bowls can be customized exactly how you’d like them to be, which makes it fun. For some bowls, I might just sprinkle lemon juice and olive oil on top. But if a bowl is bland, you can always buy or create your own dressing. I would say that sriracha sauce or terriaki sauce pretty much goes with all of them.

avocado salmon bowl


I am someone who loves brussels sprouts but I know not a lot of people are fans. Sprinkle some balsamic vinegar onto them for a little added flavor. In my opinion, the more flavors per bowl, the better! I also add a lot of pink Himalayan salt and black pepper to each bowl of mine.

Anyway, I hope you like these bowls and if anything, I hope they give you ideas on how to be creative in the kitchen. I am someone who is trying my best to become a better cook this year. I got a cookbook for Christmas and have already made some stuff but it’s hard to take time out of your day to actually cook. It takes a while and sometimes, I’m just staring in my fridge wondering what I can make quickly with the ingredients I have. With time, I hope I get a little better at this!


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