what I do at work

Hello friends. A lot of you probably know that I am a videographer for Colavita USA, an Italian food company. But most of you probably don’t know what a videographer even does for a food company so I thought I’d give you a behind-the-scenes peak at a day in my life. On a usual day, I go to my art director Elana’s house to film food videos. She is a self-taught chef with a keen eye for design and seeing beauty in messes. She has taught me so much and we work well together to create beautiful looking recipes. I always tell her she seems more like an older cousin to me than a colleague.

1101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-11101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-31101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-8

First off, I help her set up lights, the overhead rig for her camera, and my tripod for my camera. She always has her unique recipes prepped beforehand and usually cooked ahead of time to speed up the process.

1101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-111101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-141101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-15

Above, I’m pretty sure we were brainstorming the scene. We always have a specific way we like the shots to look. To my left was LeAnne who works as Elana’s assistant on shoot days. She makes sure the food is cooked and cleaned up so we can work quickly.

1101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-161101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-18

Sometimes we get super quiet during filming and we focus on the task at hand to make sure it looks perfect. Other times we are chatty or dancing to music. We always get super excited when a shot turns out beautifully. Elana always makes sure she is filming from an overhead perspective, whereas my camera shoots side shots. We film about 4 videos each time we shoot and then my job is to edit the footage. I remove the sound, brighten and saturate the footage if necessary, add music and ingredients, sound effects, etc. and splice it all together to create a seamless video like this one.

1101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-231101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-281101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-351101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-39

This shoot was for our Friendsgiving videos. We included easy Thanksgiving recipes that are unique and that anyone can make like turkey sausage pasta, parmesan shaved Brussels sproutsmashed potato cups, and apple cider donuts!

1101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-191101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-501101_Elana Iaciofano Food Shoot-51

The recipes and videos go up on all of our social media channels. And that is basically a day in my life at work. It isn’t always as fun as filming- those are definitely the best days because I can be most creative. But overall, it’s a fun work environment with a lot of room to grow, learn and eat delicious snacks. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Have a good rest of the week! I am spending my lunch breaks each day running to Target or Marshall’s to get the last bits and pieces for my apartment like a crate to hold my blankets in the living room or a mirror or a hamper… the usual last bits until it can all come together! It is really getting there and I can’t wait to do a tour on my blog soon to show you!


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