bundle up and press play

Hi guys. If you didn’t know, I was a film major and a communications major in college. I had always loved movies growing up but I would have to say that over the past few years, TV shows have gotten just as good if not better in forms of entertainment, quality, and popularity. Getting to go to school to study film has taught me the art behind each shot or even something as subtle as background noise or color schemes. It’s helped me to study and appreciate each show and to understand an episode or a movie better as a whole. I think overall, I am also someone who just deeply loves to binge watch a good TV show and really get into it.

It’s been getting super cold lately which means I’ve been turning up the heat in my new apartment (pictures coming soon!!!) and getting cuddly on my couch. We JUST got cable, as well as a plethora of pillows, throws, and candles making it the perfect chill spot for a chilly afternoon. I decided to make myself a list of TV shows I love now, as well as ones to watch so that you guys can get ideas of what to binge as well.

  • Guilty Pleasure= Riverdale: This one is basically a cult classic right now. To me, it’s a mix between Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, and 13 Reasons Why. It follows a bunch of gorgeous teenagers around their sleepy town as they try to solve the murder of a classmate. So much drama and romance. Where to watch: The CW.riverdale
  • Back in Action= Shameless. I love Shamless. If you don’t watch it, do. It follows the storylines of a very poor, dysfunctional family in the south side of Chicago. Between their hilarious plot twists and dramatic drug and alcohol induced decisions, it is always fun to watch and never boring. Where to watch: Showtime.59704fc8970af2cb2c20345794c1fa4b-shameless-season-7-1474737516-1
  • What I will always rewatch = Insecure. My sister got me turned onto this show and it is SO funny and relatable. It comes from the talented writer Issa Rae and follows her life, love, and loss of love while living in L.A. in her 20’s. Where to watch: HBO.cq5dam.web.768.432
  • What I could do without = American Horror Story. I loved the first two seasons of American Horror Story… so did the rest of the world. But for some reason, this season American Horror Story: Cult is just not doing it for me. I keep zoning out during episodes and forgetting to watch. It hasn’t been too exciting and I’m wondering if AHS has just lost it’s touch. Where to watch: FX.American-Horror-Story-Cult-66bf6096
  • What I want to watch = The Crown. On Netflix, this show follows the early life of Queen Elizabeth II as she became queen. It explores her duties, personal, and romantic life. I loved Downton Abbey so this is for sure next on my list. Where to watch: Netflix. 0a5c641e7e2e7050b86ff0dc5d55c7b9acd65ebb
  • #1 Show of the moment = Mindhunters. If you like true crime, you will love mindhunters. It’s based off the true story of FBI agents who interviewed top serial killers (Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy) to form profiles about them. They ended up proving that sometimes, people are not born evil but circumstances in their lives make them that way. Where to watch: Netflix. 5ae5dceb318927d081734281cddb25b64925f1e4

That is luckily it for now. If I was keeping up with any other shows I think I might lose my mind. I watch TV enough as it is! Anyway, I hope you guys are having a good start to your week. I am turning a new leaf as the season gets colder of trying to say yes to new things and put in effort when people put in an effort towards me, if that makes sense. For example, my friend Sarah invited me to visit her in Baltimore this weekend so I am going. And my other friend Cat mentioned that we should get a Groupon for hot yoga so I am. I am trying to say yes to new things more like going on dates or to a concert or anything because I need to get out there and DO more. It will make my life more fun and it’ll be nice to have these things to look forward to. What do you think of this?



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