happy halloween!

Hello and Happy Halloween! Like I told you guys in my blog post yesterday, this blog is becoming a lot more personal and more of a place for me to remember good times in my life or things that I am currently happy about. So today, I am so happy about the fact that it’s Halloween. I love any day that gives people the chance to have a little more fun than usual or to laugh a little bit extra.


Over the weekend, I was a fortune teller ^^ although you can’t see my tarot cards in this picture. (Turns out I am not good at reading tarot cards but it was fun to have, regardless!) This costume took SO long. I had hair extensions for my braids, metallic tattoos, and so much makeup (including false eyelashes!) but it was so fun to dress up. I went to my friend Rachel’s halloween party in Manhattan and got to see a handful of all of my friends from college. It was so fun to be able to catch up. I remember being in an uber in Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon, seeing people decorating their brownstones with spiderwebs and skulls for upcoming Halloween parties. There were tons of fallen leaves on the ground, rising up and swirling around in the breeze and it was so picturesque that it felt like a movie.

Originally, I thought that today at work, I was going to be one of the only people dressing up for Halloween but most of my office turned up all decked out for the day, including our CEO, which made it all even better.


Above is me and my friend Ryan. I was a cat and he was obviously a copy cat. I’d give us points for originality but we definitely didn’t win the costume contest. Scroll down to see how much effort certain people put into their looks.

Above is Ben and Lara. Ben was a chef that had an accident (look near his head if you missed what I’m talking about) and Lara is a doctor. She has a meeting today and the fake blood is actually candy, just in case she gets hungry.


Above is Berdina, who’s a zombie and below is Kim, one of my closest friends at work, being Louise from Bob’s Burgers.

And finally we have our CEO, Giovanni, who dressed up as a woman. He even had eyeliner, eyeshadow, and fake boobs. Everyone was cracking up all day when they saw him. Also, keep in mind he has a very important meeting today but he fully committed to the outfit, refusing to take it off and even asking where the ladies room was.


And let’s not leave out Louie!! My boy was a pumpkin for Halloween. He doesn’t look too happy about it but I know he loved the attention. I hope everyone has a great day and even if you’re not dressing up, you can always play Thriller at your desk really loud like we’re doing in the marketing department right now.




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