the new and improved rice & repeat blog

Hello, I am back from a vastly overdue hiatus and ready to begin a bit of a new chapter on this blog. To find out more about my absence and how the blog will be a bit different this time around read on below…


For those of you who are close to me or who may have followed my blog last spring and summer, you probably know that it just became too overwhelming for me to keep up with. I loved trying out products, recipes, and tips for you guys. However, I do work a full-time job and along with the craziness of the summer, it really did just become too overwhelming. I was spending all my free time on my blog’s instagram, taking pictures, editing, commenting… it was just too much and it all started to feel like something less fun and more like a job I had to do. I was becoming obsessed with my follower count and how many comments I was getting. I didn’t like it and knew it was time for me to pull out of that world for some time.

A lot has happened since my last post. I don’t want to bore anyone so I will keep it short and concise. I got broken up with by someone who I genuinely thought I was spending my entire life with and I am finally moving out and into my own apartment with my cousin Francesca. For the first time in a very long time, I will be on my own, not living with my parents and without a boyfriend. Being independent and creating my own happiness is a new feeling but I am also excited to get to know myself a bit more and to turn the loneliness I might’ve been feeling into an independence I was missing.


So, I will be posting regularly. I will be updating this probably once a week but I don’t want to limit myself. It might be a few times in one week or none in the next week. Hopefully, I will find a balance. This blog is also not going to just be about fitness, health, recipes, or restricted to anything in particular. I want to blog about my life and what I am doing. It could be about decorating my new apartment or a movie I saw that I loved or a recipe or even makeup tips I’ve discovered. It will just be more personal than before and I hope you’re okay with that!

I am really glad to be getting back into blogging and I also appreciate those of you who have stuck by me. I’ve created some awesome friends in this community and I am excited to continue to do so. I’ll be doing a Halloween post tomorrow. Have a good Monday! x




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