do this for a good night’s sleep every night

Good morning, friends! Or is it just an ok morning? If so, I guarantee you it’s because you’re tired and you didn’t get enough sleep last night. Sound familiar? All day long,  I hear complaints of being exhausted, needing more coffee, or not being able to fall asleep easily. I am lucky enough that I can fall asleep almost instantly. For years, I’ve never had a problem shutting down for the night.

Over time, people have always asked me what I do for a good night’s sleep so I decided to create some tips and tell you what helps me wind down and get snoozing!

  • Journal and read: I used to spend hours on my phone or i-pad before bed. But instagram leads to tumblr which leads to twitter and I swear, it’s 2 am when you glance at the clock. Instead, unwind with a good book or write what you’re grateful for your journal.


  •  Essential oils are everything. I create a calming combo for my diffuser at night which usually includes lavender to help me get sleepy and eucalyptus to help me breathe well. I always switch it up, however, and this makes it fun to come up with new combos. I also let it run all night, which lets it work as a humidifier too!


  • Keep your room dark, cool, and quiet when it’s time for bed. Keeping the tv on, lights on, a fan buzzing in your ear… it will usually effect how you fall asleep. It’s always dark and quiet when I go to sleep and this has ALWAYS been helpful.
  •  Sheets and curtains go a long way. I buy jersey sheets and they are so unbelievably comfy (I’ve had these blue ones since college and I just can’t part with them!) Curtains are also an extremely important investment. I have blackout curtains and I don’t know what I would do without them. The one thing that consistently wakes me up at sleepovers is sunlight.


  • Drink some chamomile tea or take a bath. I love bubble baths at night because they help me unwind and de-stress. I especially love this Eo Everyone Bath Yoga Soak with Epsom salts and essential oils to help me detox and relax at night. But just an FYI, if you have a Harmon store near you, it’s like $8 there…not $18. 😉


  •  Take off all your makeup. Just do it. Don’t fight me.


  •  And lastly, change into your comfiest clothes. I do this almost as soon as I get home from work. Leggings and a tank or my go-to lately. Comfy = happy.


Now go to bed!



  1. I think you just made the perfect bed time routine! 🙂 I’ve been falling asleep a lot quicker lately since I stopped staring at my phone so much in bed. I set my alarms and then put it down.


  2. yeah i just started turning my phone at a certain time so i can stay off of social media. and the chamomile tea is everything


  3. Now, I really want to go to bed! Im with you, reading before bed instead of playing on my phone helps me so much! When I wash our sheets I throw in some lavender essential oils to the wash just to give them a clean fresh (oil) scent! the best!


  4. I think I need to add some essential oils and a bath to my routine. The last couple of nights have left me feeling sleep deprived.


  5. yes–turn off the devices!! so true that one site blends to another and the light devices emit messes with your body being able to create melatonin. great post and happy zzzz’s!!


  6. Great advice! I’ve made it a point to stop watching tv in bed and I’ve been able to fall asleep a lot faster!


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