my favorite natural beauty products from Target

Hey there! I’m just going to start this post by blankly stating the truth: everyone loves Target. Everything from their home section to their food (hello Kombucha selection!) is amazing and I could easily find myself spending $1,000 in there… but luckily, I have some self control. I do, however, always find myself in the natural beauty section of Target. I adore how they have a natural section because so many stores don’t. This makes it super easy to access natural products. I’m constantly trying to buy more natural beauty products and because of this, I am always testing out new options from here.

It seemed appropriate that I just make a post about my faves at this point because I really have tested out so many. There are so many benefits to using natural products on your face. First, your face is much less likely to break out, form a rash, or form a allergic reaction. Natural products also have little to no chemicals / artificial colors and are often earth-friendly and cruelty-free. Keep reading to discover your soon-to-be faves from Target.

  • Fig + Yarrow’s Complexion Water – I picked up this product every. single. time. I went to Target for about two weeks before deciding to finally just buy it. It was $20 so for me, it was a splurge but I was so interested by it and I am so glad I got it. I spray my face with this before applying makeup every morning and it honestly wakes my face up as well as brightens and smoothes my skin. It’s definitely worth it.


  • Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes – I love these wipes. In the summer, they are a must for me because I hate feeling like my face is dirty. I keep them in my car for days when I’m leaving the gym or the beach and want my face to feel clean.


  • The Seaweed Bath co. Hydrating Seaweed Bath – This stuff is great. I add it to bubble bath or with a bath bomb from Lush when my skin feels sore or dry. It helps my skin feel silky smooth afterwards and I somehow feel more relaxed yet energized at the same time.


  • Earth-Science Deep Conditioning Mask.  I color my hair and while I normally have pretty healthy, thick hair, highlighting it does leave my hair less soft / more brittle. So, I got this masque to apply about once a week. I usually leave it on in a bubble bath and watch some netflix or something so it sinks into my hair. It always leaves my hair feeling amazing and super soft for the next week!


  • Cell-Stimulating Face Mask.  I am a HUGE fan of face masks and apply them a few times a week. The other day, I felt like my skin needed a lift so I popped on this mask and then spent most of the day without makeup. My face looked super bright and glow-ey the next day so I think I’m going to make this mask my go-to from now on.


  • Jason Soothing Aloe Vera Wash– I love this brand because they have so many variations – aloe vera, tea tree, coconut, lavender, etc. So, I switch up the kind depending on what I feel like my body needs at the moment. In the summer, I am always exposed to the sun so I have the aloe vera wash.


  • Pixi by Petra Best of Bright – Ok, so I love Pixi’s makeup products so much that I was actually going to dedicate an entire blog post to them but instead, I figured I’d tell you guys here because I did discover the brand at Target. This brand is most natural, vegan, and cruelty free and ever since I switched to this brand for most of my makeup, my skin looks better than ever. If you want to test out the products, I recommend this box to begin with. But, my favorites are the glow tonic, Aspyn Ovard’s blush in light pastel and her eye accents kit.





  1. I’m such a Target + beauty junkie. This post is right up my alley! 😂I didn’t realise Target had so many natural beauty products. Excited to try the seaweed bath and Pixi products next time I pop into a shop. Now we just need a Target in London!!!


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