mindfulness and how to practice it in your everyday life

Mindfulness is defined as: the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. Today, we see it everywhere along with constant reminders on social media to “be mindful” or “practice mindfulness.” But what does it really mean? I want to break it down for you in five tips, which you can use every single day and I promise you’ll see a difference in your own happiness before you know it.


  1. Mindful Being. Being mindful for me is putting your phone down. It’s taking the time to leave it in the car at dinner or back home when you’re going for a bike ride or walking your doggie. It’s taking time not to be distracted by social media, texts, calls, or whatever else pulls your attention from reality on a daily basis. It’s saying, “I want to be here, now, with no distractions or limitations.” The single best way to do this is to put your phone down.
  2. Mindful Eating. Notice how your body reacts to what you put into it. If you eat fried food, chips, pizza, cookies, etc. how does your body react? Do you feel sick? Or perhaps stuffed or tired? Then notice how your body reacts to whole grains, roasted vegetables, fresh fish, refreshing smoothies… Does it feel better? Lighter? Happier? Notice what your body needs and give it that because you deserve it. Same goes for fitness / meditation / how active you are. Notice how your body feels and looks when you exercise vs. when you don’t. Find out what makes you feel like your best self and stick to a routine.
  3. Mindful walking. If you have to walk somewhere, even to your car from a store; notice the air, your breathing, the people near you, the tree that’s budding fresh flowers. Don’t rush to the car, thinking about your to-do list or who you have to call. Enjoy every mundane detail and you will fall in love with your surroundings more and more each day.
  4. Mindful Listening. Notice what your friends, family, or colleagues are saying. Is your roommate mumbling about the dishes? Remember and do them for her next time. Is your dad complaining about his back? Grab him a few advil. Is your boyfriend exhausted? Pick up a coffee on the way to his house. These actions barely effect your own life but can significantly increase the life of those around you and you will always be remembered for your thoughtfulness.
  5. Mindful thoughts. Pay attention to your emotions and how you feel on a daily basis. This is something I do almost constantly. Do I feel sad today? Why? Do I need to do something to cheer myself up or go somewhere on my lunch break for fresh air? Everyday, there are constant changes that can effect our everyday happiness. Pay attention to what you love and try to incorporate it into your life as much as possible. Get your nails done if you like looking down to see a fun color, shower early so you can climb into bed with your book, create a playlist if your car ride is long and boring. You can impact your life greatly with small changes if you pay attention to yourself enough and discover what it is that you need in that moment.





  1. I need these reminders from time to time…….it’s easy when I’m taking the time for yoga practice, but it’s easy to forget during everyday moments.


  2. I love the subtitle for this blog – a “health-ish…” My kinda person – everything in moderation!

    I’ve got to work on the mindful eating. I’m a huge behavioural eater and I’m very conscious of this, yet I do it anyway. I’m thinking about trying to tackle this and then writing about it on my blog… we’ll see how it goes.

    I did do well with mindful listening today, though – went for an early morning walk at a nearby conservation area, didn’t put in my earphones, and just listened to all the beautiful nature sounds around me. It was truly wonderful.


    1. Aw that’s so sweet! And thank you so so much! I try to be as healthy as I can, but I am the same way as you. I’d love to always reach for veggies and tea but sometimes it’s pizza and beer. I can’t claim to be 100% healthy all of the time because I am definitely not! But if you can tackle at least 1/5 of these a day, you’re doing better than most!!

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  3. I’ve just learned about mindfulness a couple of months ago and I love how it can help slow down life and keep me relaxed. These are great tips on being aware and enjoying the little things in life.


    1. Agreed!!! My faves too. So many times during the day, I feel like I’m rushing through it without honestly paying attention to myself or those around me too much but I am trying everyday to focus on that more.


  4. Okay wait I am obsessed with the aesthetics of your blog. Your insta looks amazing, too.

    I feel like you actually try out all the things I read about! Like tumeric masks and all that jazz.

    Low-key loving your whole brand vibe and stalked you on everything ❤


  5. Great tips for keeping yourself grounded. Most of us go around on autopilot. I became mindful of watching my children interact with my husband. Their little faces were smiling and happy to be with him on his day off yesterday.


  6. Mindfulness is a though one to master for me, especially when I am anxious. Thanks for the reminder, need to practice!


  7. Of course, the best part about mindfulness is that the more we practice it , the more creative and clear we become.


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