mini post: DIY turmeric face mask for glowing skin

Hi friends! I don’t know if you if you know this about me, but I love face masks and am always trying out new ones. I am usually seen buying new sheet masks at Ulta or Target and I try to stick to ones with natural ingredients as much as I can. The less chemicals on the face the better, right? Then, the other day, I was making lemon, turmeric energy balls and thought… why not use this for a face mask? Turmeric is so good for your skin. It helps diminish acne and acne scarring, plus shrinks your pores and calms your skin all at once. Here’s my recipe and I have to say. My skin looked so amazing about a day later. Better than it’s looked in a while!! I have tiny, tiny pimples sometimes that pop up unexpectedly and they disappeared after using this mask. 😀


Ingredients + steps:

  • milk – why? It helps to soothe skin. Plus, it’s loaded with minerals and vitamins and your skin appears brighter and smoother afterwards.
  • honey – why?  It increases skin regeneration, lightens skin and is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
  • turmeric – reasons listed above ^^ Basically awesome for targeting acne prone skin or for evening out your skin tone.
  • tea tree oil – why? Penetrates deep into pores to remove toxins, dries out pimples, and lightens scars aka flawless skin, baby!
  • steps: Mix together (I used a fork) and dip a cotton pad into the mix. Apply all over your face and let it dry (about 20 min) I suggest hopping in a shower to scrub it off afterwards because it’s quite stubborn. But if not, water and a washcloth works too.

IMG_6618IMG_6623IMG_6628 (1)

Enjoy your fresh, flawless skin! ❤







  1. I love experimenting with DIY face masks (honey always leaves my skin feeling sooooo soft)! I’ve heard before that turmeric is amazing for skin, and I have it in my spice rack, so I’ll definitely have to try this! ❤


  2. thank you for sharing. I love face mask. It makes my skin clearer, removes acne plus the it is very relaxing.


  3. Awesome! I would have never thought to make a face mask while cooking. That is kinda cool that you knew all that.


    1. It really depends, I think I switch it up a lot but I do about 1/4 cup of milk and then usually a tbsp of everything else and a few drops of tea tree oil and then mix it up! I just kinda make it up as I go along until I like the consistency!


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