mini post: my top 10 favorite apps

Hi guys! We are on our phones basically every few minutes from when we wake up to when we go to sleep, right? I like to sometimes try my best to leave my phone in the car if I’m shopping with a friend or out to dinner. However, I can’t deny that I’m on my phone … a lot. Although I hate how much attention my phone gets from me, I do think certain apps have definitely increased my happiness so I thought I would share my top apps if you guys wanted to try to download them too!!!

  1. 512x512bbPlanoly– for my blogger friends out there, this is an app that lets you upload pics in a faux-instagram format so you can see what your layout is going to look like before you post a picture. I love this because it helps me maintain that my feed is always aesthetically pleasing on my insta.  It also gives you stats like likes and followers. devices
  2. unnamedAudible– I listen to podcasts and audio books in the car on the way to work so audible is so key for me. For $15 a month you have your selection of basically any book you want to download and listen to! First month is free too! Woo! c700x420
  3. tileMindbliss– This is a meditating app that I’m digging at the moment. There are SO many apps to assist in your meditating but I like this one because you can choose what you want to target in your meditations.
  4. unnamed.pngMINDBODY +Unknown Pure Barre – These are combined because they are both apps which help me schedule my favorite yoga or pure barre classes without having to go onto the website.
  5. unnamed-1.pngShazam– I seriously use this so much!! This is an app for when you hear a song but don’t know what it’s called or you like it and want to remember to download it. This app tells you what song it is and saves it for you.
  1. 1200x630bbPinterest– In my opinion, Pinterest is more fun on phones. It makes it super fun to scroll and explore when it comes to everything from healthy baking to workouts to fashion.
  2. unnamed-2.pngSnapchat– Add me!! My username is carlierice. I post funny stories, delicious food and mostly, pics or videos of my dogs.


  1. Unknown.jpeg Think Dirty– Do you ever pick up a beauty product in a store and wonder how natural / good it is for you? Think Dirty lets you scan products and tells you their rating. It has stopped me from buying a lot of products that I didn’t know had harsh chemicals.


  1. Unknown-1.png Spotify– I am a big music lover and after going back and forth from Spotify to apple music, I stuck with Spotify. I love how many playlists they offer according to your mood.
  1. favicon-152.pngVSCO– I use this to edit my pics before posting them to Instagram. I love their filters and think my pics always come out 100% better than before. I chose this over my horoscope app so you know it’s real ❤


  1. I use several of these apps too! I really need to check out Planoly and VSCO though. Those sound great for any blogger. 🙂
    xo, SC //


  2. Shazam and Snap, yes! I’ve downloaded VSCO but sometimes I’m never sure which filter is best for which type of photo… ThinkDirty looks like something I need, I’ll check it out.


  3. These are all great apps! The only one I haven’t heard of is think dirty but it sounds really helpful so I should probably download it!


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