my trader joes haul

Hello my friends! Today, I thought I’d do a typical haul with what I buy at Trader Joes. I love Trader Joes because it is the one-stop-shop for all things healthy, especially packaged food. Plus, they sell cheap flowers right when you walk in so I have to get them every time 😉 I just HAVE to. I love to see them sticking out of my bag. Don’t ask why. TJ’s does a pretty good job with their produce too! Although, if I can stop at a farmer’s market to grab fresh fruit I always will.

Alsoooo- if you noticed that I forgot some delicious, vital product in my haul that you think I should try, please comment below!! I don’t want to miss out! (And yes, the everything but the bagel seasoning was sold out AGAIN.) For those curious, this haul will last me probably 5 days or so. I got a lot of goodies and the total was $67. So this is pretty good!!! I also am used to paying $45 for like 3 items at Whole Foods in NYC so I guess I feel like everything is cheap after that.


Quick shout out to my tote bag from Hawaii / actually remembering to bring my tote bags into the store. Fun fact: if I could live anywhere without leaving my family and friends, it’d be Hawaii. It is so beautiful / relaxing. Ahh. Moving on. First off, gotta stock up on my kombucha. There were only 2 LEFT in the entire store. Like.. what? So, I will be returning for more in the near future.


For breakfast foods, I got multigrain bagels, raspberries, blueberries, peanut butter, chia seeds, and coconut milk.


For snacks, I got apricots and rxbars (the only snack bars I actually like honestly!) plus Trader Joes dark chocolate peanut butter cups which are my go-to treat for after lunch or dinner when you need a bite of something sweet for dessert.


For lunch and dinner, I got a chinese salad, tomato feta soup, + cheddar cheese, cauliflower, and kale mac and cheese. SO GOOD. I also got chicken, brussel sprouts, a container of chopped veggies, a red pepper, and little potatoes for sautéing to bring to lunch at work or keep in tupperware to just reheat for dinner later. I love sautéing a bunch of goodies together for a big bowl of protein and veggies combined in one. Plus, it’s not even difficult to cook and doesn’t take too much time at all!


I also tried out this kale, sweet potato, + butternut squash pizza. The guy who rang me up said it was so good and you know what- it was! I would add a little more cheese next time on my own but I am just a big cheese gal. I know I shout start buying that vegan cheese instead because too much dairy isn’t a good thing.


Extras: I got bananas, apples, and turmeric. Can you spot my banana slicer below, it’s honestly one of my favorite things I’ve ever gotten and it was $5. It’s the little things, people. I got turmeric to make my own turmeric latte and it finally came out good. I used ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and honey mixed with soy milk but I still want to perfect it… gonna keep trying out recipes on pinterest.


Also– don’t forget to buy yourself some flowers! I know it puts me in the best mood. The guy behind me in line said he liked them, too 🙂 I was like bro, they’re $4 buy some for yourself!! But, anyway, there’s my haul!


P.S. SQUARE ORGANICS SENT ME A DISCOUNT CODE / A BOX OF DELICIOUS GOODIES!! I know I’m a bit late to the game on these. They are ALL over social media. But the box of protein bars are delicious and healthy, which is really hard to come by. Use riceandrepeat to get 20%, meaning a box is $24! 🙂



  1. Can I just say, reading this post makes me both sad, hungry and happy!
    Sad because I don’t live in the USA and have ZERO TJ’s near me
    Hungry because that’s what TJ’s does to me
    Happy because your haul looks amazing!!


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