my top 10 ways to drink and be healthy (it’s possible, I swear)

Hi guys and gals. Today, I want to talk honestly about drinking. I’m 22. It’s only natural that parties, weekend hangouts, and even girl-talk on the couch is somehow always fueled by alcohol….and lots of it. Don’t get me wrong, I like drinking with my friends. It isn’t so much the chugging of alcohol that I love, but sipping on a cocktail by a bonfire or downing some rosé on the dance floor. It’s not the drinks itself, but the company and what comes with it, which is usually a good time and a sillier version of myself. Does this make sense?

I don’t love getting blackout, either. I like staying in control of myself, coming home and remembering to take out my contacts and wash my face. Plus, I really love not having a hangover the next day. I was just in Florida with my friends and on vacation and, as is to be expected, there were lots of drinks!! Which really got me thinking about this post. I shared some pics from Florida here and 10 tips to still drink, have a great time, and manage to look and feel awesome afterwards.


IMG_9327 (1)
From left to right — Me, Steph (my sister), Cat, and Sarah
  1. Eat chicken or steak if you’re drinking later.  Of course, if you’re getting dressed up later, it’s easier to stick to a salad or soup, but eating protein beforehand will help absorb some of that alcohol later in the night.
  2. Stick with the basic alcohol like vodka and gin. Why would you want to CHUG that sticky, pink liquid in the cheap section of the liquor store? It’s basically garbage in a pretty bottle.
  3. Mix your alcohol with juices. Soda is so bad for you. I don’t normally drink it, so I hate breaking that rule especially with alcohol. I’ll get a mixed drink with seltzer, pineapple juice, or OJ.
  4. Don’t always get the cheapest alcohol, the more expensive ones have less impurities and toxins. This means there’s a better chance you won’t get a hangover, plus, it’s usually only a dollar or two more per drink.
  5. Hydrate beforehand! If I know I’m going to be drinking on a given night, I’ll chug more water than usual during the day. I know I’ll need it later because alcohol dehydrate’s you.
  6. Keep Purell in your purse. This way, if the bathrooms don’t have soap (they never do) or your cab’s cleanliness is questionable, you won’t get sick. Drinking causes a lower immune system.
  7. Dance! Dancing will burn some calories, increase your metabolism, and lower your blood alcohol level aka help you feel less drunk. I love dancing at parties mostly because it’s fun but these are some added bonuses!
  8. Share your location with a friend. Do you ever stumble off to talk to some cute guy at the bar only to see your friend frantically coming up to you to tell you she / he has been looking all over for you? Share your locations on your phones so even if you all get separated, you know they’re okay and can find each other easily.
  9. Take off your makeup and sleep with a face mask. If I come home at a late hour, it doesn’t matter how tired I am, I’m taking off my makeup. I also brush my teeth, drink a cup of water, and slap on a face mask. This way, when I wake up, my skin looks good no matter how I feel on the inside.
  10. Drink and have fun, don’t drink TO have fun. I am someone who doesn’t drink if I don’t want to. All my friends could be wasted around me, but if I’m having a good time and don’t feel like drinking, I don’t. I never cared what people thought about me and I never let drinking establish what kind of night I’m having. I don’t drink because it seems like the thing to do and I only drink when I feel like it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.15.37 PM

IMG_9331IMG_9329Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.35.00 PM

P.S. For those of you in Florida near Marco Island, go to the Snook Inn!! It has amazing live music, drinks, seafood, and this view (friends not included) ^^



  1. It’s so easy to leave your makeup on but washing your face doesn’t even take 5 minutes and will save you from a breakout later!
    Eggs are also high in protein so that’s a good snack to eat beforehand!


  2. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing! I hated it when my nutritionist told me I couldn´t have a single drink for 2 months because of the sugar, toxins, etc…but these tips are just great!


  3. I’m actually in the same boat, I just turned 23, so I know exactly what you mean when you say that everything involves alcohol. Defiantly making sure you take care of your self before, during and after will help to make it as healthy as possible!


    1. I agree! It’s crazy how everywhere you go people are drinking or planning to drink haha but by taking care of yourself a bit it’s so easy to avoid being hungover or super unhealthy! xx


  4. I have learnt that I hate hungovers – I mean who doesn’t right?! So i completely relate to drinking water. I try drink it throughout the evening as well as before, and I drink a big glass before I go to bed. Also key for me is to not have shots, and stick to the same drink/alcohol for the evening. The nights when I mix my drinks really makes the hangover worse!


  5. Great tips, I recently moved off juice or soft drinks as a mixer, soda water and lime all the way! Haven’t had a hangover from hell since I switched and I don’t get that nasty furry teeth feel from the sugary mixer!


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