mini post: Eat this not that

Hi guys. So, I decided to add a series to this blog. It’s called mini posts. They’re going to be smaller blog posts w/ less content and pics that I throw out every week or so. This way, if I want to share something with you but don’t want to make a regular, long blog post about it, it works out as a mini post! And this time, when you visit the blog, you’ll usually find something new.

I always ask my friends or family for ideas on blog posts / what they’d like to see and this post has actually been requested a few times!! The chart I created below is basically an easy swap for healthier food options.  It gives you examples of what to eat instead of the typical go-to. Often, we keep up with the same eating habits because it’s easy but there are actually really yummy substitutions that work just as well, satisfy us just as much, but are much much healthier for us. Everyone knows whole wheat vs. white bread and the usual switcheroos, but I tried to be creative with these ones. Take a peak and screenshot the chart on your phone or computer to refer back to. xx

P.S. I am posting this to my Pinterest Healthy board. Follow along? 

eat this not that



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