the best way to start your day

Happy Thursday! This week has been a bit busier than usual so I haven’t posted in a few days but over the next few days I’ve got some goodies for you guys, including a guest post tomorrow! So, stay tuned. Onto today’s blog post… I find that a morning can make or break your entire day based on so many factors- how well you slept, how rushed you were, if you ate a decent breakfast, etc. I try to be as organized as I can in the morning and I try to do as much as possible the night before to make my morning easy and productive. Follow my steps and tips for a breezier, happier start to your day.

  • Wake up. I usually wake up around 7 / 7:15 on weekdays and 8 or 9 on weekends. I love to sleep in but during the week that can’t happen so I try to go to bed early enough where I can get 8 hours of sleep. I read that you should think about 5 things you’re grateful for before you get out of bed. I do this now and it really increases my happiness! I stretch a bit in bed and then I’m up.




  • I brush my teeth! 😀
  • TIP: If I want to straighten or curl my hair, I do it the night before so it’s ready to go the next morning. I just got my hair done last night so I didn’t need to do anything to it but a quick brush.


  • TIP: Shower the night before! Some people like showering in the morning but for me I like it the night before because it saves time. I also exfoliate every other day w/ my St. Ives face scrub because I have small pores. This makes my makeup go on smoother the next day. Also, I use coconut oil as shaving cream. It’s 100% better!


  • I make my bed. Making your bed is so important! It’s so nice to come home to a bed that’s already made at the end of the day and it also makes the entire room look much cleaner.



  • Next step- my outfit. I always lay out my outfit the night before or at least have an outfit in my mind for the morning. I try to have it all ready because in my opinion, an outfit takes the most time. Looking good = feeling good!!!
  • Next = a spray of perfume. I recently found out perfume is SO bad for you. I got the app Think Dirty and it tells you how good or bad your products are for you. I want to switch to an organic perfume free of chemicals. Anyone know of a good one?
  • Next, downstairs for brekkie. TIP: If you are making a smoothie, chop your fruit and place it in bags and into the fridge the night before. This makes for a quick smoothie in the morning. I usually go with something easy like toast + PB for breakfast but if I want oatmeal or pancakes or something special, I usually make it the night before, only to heat it up in the morning. 😀


  • Then I make my coffee w/ some collagen and I’m off. (Remember, there’s a discount on furtherfood collagen w/ RICEANDREPEAT10 at checkout!)


  • Then I drive to work, listening to a podcast and sipping my coffee on the way.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and that it gave you some tips on how to have a quick, easy morning, as well! 😀



  1. I’ll have to try thinking about 5 things that I’m grateful for before I get up, I really love that idea. I’m sure that is a great way to start your morning in a positive way. I also 100% agree about making the bed, it is so nice to come home to a made bed.

    xoxo, Nicole |


  2. I use almost all the same products in the morning! I especially love Clinique. I’m also glad I’m not the only one who showers at night…I cannot for the life of me wake up on time and early enough to do that in the morning. Thanks for sharing your routine!


  3. I’ve done the 5 things I’m grateful for for about a year now, and it really is something incredible what having a grateful heart before bed can do. I’m an avid dreamer and it even helped with that! Love your tips.


  4. I love this! Mornings determine how my day will go lol so that’s why i try to make it the best! I definitely want to listen to podcast again too!

    Jasmine 🙂


  5. I finally found someone that showers at night like I do!! And I use the same Clinique skincare regimen for years. It’s seriously the best! I could relate to so many things you posted here! But using coconut oil as a shaving cream is a new one…I use it in cooking all the time so I might just bring a jar to the shower too next time I have to shave! 🙂

    Loved this post!



  6. Your photos are so gorgeous! I love your smoothie tip… I am actually working for a company called Green Smoothie Girl, sooo you can imagine that I’m drinking them all the time (including right now). It’s so much easier to have stuff prepped ahead. Also, your hair is so gorgeous!!


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