update your skincare routine w/ sea buckthorn

Happy Monday!! I actually like Mondays because it is a fresh start to the week filled with possibilities of productivity and plans. I also am really happy that it is finally April. March was so bleak and miserable and I know April will bring us some sunshine. I love Spring because it finally starts to feel warm again.

Today, I want to talk about skincare. I know most of us just have a usual skincare routine that we stick to. Some of my friends aren’t even too strict about it. My face, however, would freakout on me if I wasn’t meticulous about washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. But I think it’s safe to say that we can usually always do better. There is always something out there that can make us glow a little bit more.

Seabuck Wonders sent me their products to review for you guys and I have to say, I am really impressed. QUICK STORY: Earlier last week, I got my eyebrows done and the oil that she rubbed into my skin made me break out A LOT on my forehead. I’m talking 20 small pimples that my boyfriend insisted “looked like nothing” but to me, it was awful. Consequently, I got an acne facial and she ended up trying to pop a blackhead on my cheek too, which left a scab. Needless to say, this had me feeling so bummed. My skin was a wreck all because I was trying to take care of it!! So, this package arrived just in time.



  1. First, we have our daily supplements. They sent me their Omega 7 Complete Pills and their Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil. The Omega 7’s contain Omegas-3, 6, 7, 9 as well as Vitamin E. It supports your immune system along with the overall health of your skin, stomach, heart and liver. The Sea Buckthorn pills have Omegas-3, 6, 9, vitamins A and E. It helps support healthy skin, as well, and a healthy heart. ❤ I’ve definitely seen a positive difference in my skin since taking them everyday since they arrived on my doorstep.


2. Second, we have the Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion. I love this lotion because it smells great but it also has a bright orange tint which enhances my skin color/ makes me look a bit more tan. There are omegas in the lotion with age defying properties, too!

IMG_5821 (1)

3. Lastly, we have the Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil serum. The benefits of this serum are out of control. Just look at all those vitamins on the back ^^  It has Omega-7’s for skin, hair, and nail health. But also helps with cell membrane nurturing, liver health, dental and gum health, (if you swallow some, which I’ve tried!) Basically, the vitamins in this refresh your external and internal health to constantly re-generate. You can apply it directly to your face, wait a bit and wash it off, which is what I do most of the time. Or you can mix it with other ingredients to form a face mask. Here are the ones I’ve tried:

  • Milk, Manuka honey, + the berry oil.
  • Lemon juice, baking powder, + the berry oil.
  • Potato peels + the berry oil. (Weird, I know but it works to clear up skin!)


Thanks, Seabuck Wonders for sending me these awesome goodies!! If you guys have any skin care products you’re loving this season, comment and let me know! Thanks for reading xx




  1. I need to try that one that makes your skin orange… haha I am so pale right now! I love hearing about other people’s skincare routines. These seem like amazing products!!!


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