the april happiness challenge

Hi guys. So, although I run a health and wellness blog, I have my sad days just like everyone else. Throughout March, I found myself fall into a bit of a rut. Currently, I have a 9-5 job and live at home. As every recent college grad can probably relate to, it’s just a very abrupt change. Last year, I lived a fast-paced lifestyle in an East Village apartment in NYC, saw my friends constantly, and always had a calendar filled to the brim with exciting plans. The “real world” has hit me lately in a way that made me really long for the past, or at least for more.

I decided to be real with you because I think it is easy for everyone, not only me, to get into a funk and without even realizing it, our lives can become gradually more boring / monotonous day by day. Those two things kill happiness and creativity more than anything else. So, I took a look at my life and decided I needed to really spice it up. I needed to make plans, change aspects of my life for the better, and do something everyday that overall makes me feel happier and healthier.

I created this happiness challenge for April below. I really think doing these daily steps will make us look forward to everyday a little more. I have a PDF for you guys to download too! Keep it on your phone, hang it up on your wall or save it as your office desktop. Do the challenge w/ me and let’s get smiling together 😀

april happiness challenge copy



  1. I love this! I am determined to speak only positivity this next month and not let anything tear me down. Speaking life over yourself is huge and has great benefits on your health and relationships. I like your idea. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  2. This is SO CUTE and I’m totally going to print this and do this! I’m starting a new job Monday, plus keeping my current client-load for my business, so I’m going to need some happiness in my life hahah (: I love the mix of ideas you came up with!


  3. This is really cool. I definitely can’t fit all of this into my life, but a lot of it is feasible and will help. Appreciate you sharing it. Good luck with your happiness journey!


  4. I LOVE this! What a great way to stay positive when your days have become routine. That transition from college to first big girl job isn’t easy, but if I could give any advice it would be to make time for new adventures.


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