Lilikoi Boutique

Hello and Happy Monday! Mondays generally suck, I know. But I like to think of Mondays as a fresh start and an opportunity to tackle a new week filled with productivity, exciting new plans, and of course, new blog posts. I know that this is primarily a health and wellness blog but I am a firm believer in the thought that what we wear and how we feel in our clothes greatly impacts our happiness and confidence.

My cousin, Samantha, opened up a boutique bathing suit shop called Lilikoi in New Jersey. She told me that she opened her to store so she could help people feel good about what they were wearing, giving them confidence in their bodies regardless of their size or shape.

I decided to visit Sam’s store and conveniently, my best friend Catherine works there too! So of course, we had to try on some of our favorite outfits to give you guys a sneak peak of the amazing clothes that are in Lilikoi.

G99A5772 (2)G99A5763

The pieces, as you can see from the pics, are all very tropical. The entire store just feels like summer and makes you want to plan a vacation ASAP. Which is good, because Cat and I just booked a quick weekend trip to Florida with our two other best friends for the end of April! 😀


Cat (above ^ in that cute purple dress) and I have been best friends since 3rd grade. Almost all of my “big” memories from middle school and high school include Cat. She and I were always together and this makes for lots of laughs when we reminisce today.

G99A5819G99A5834 (2)

When you feel good about what you’re wearing, you just feel so much happier, right? This romper ^^ became my favorite new item in Sam’s store. I love classic styles that pay extra attention to detail.


What are you guys looking forward to as the seasons change?  I think warm weather is the perfect opportunity for bright colors. I love swapping out boring basics for more “fun” pieces that are backless or have a colorful fringe.

G99A5859G99A5761 (1).jpg

If you liked these pieces and are curious, check out Lilikoi and use: Riceandrepeat at checkout for a discount on your purchase! I love how these pieces make me feel happier and brighter and I think you will, too. 😉



  1. I love this entire post! These outfits are so cute! That denim romperrrrr omg 😍! And you’re so right – clothes make you feel good!


  2. I LOVE YOUR HEADER!! Is it new? It looks amazing! I am also obsessed with that purple dress and I NEED IT!!!! I love the idea your cousin had behind this boutique and I think all the pieces are so gorgeous and fun. I totally agree with what you said about the pieces making you want to plan a tropical vacation… that’s exactly how I feel seeing them. It also makes me really want to go shopping! (:


  3. OMG! Totally love ALL of these! I actually think that one of my friends has that pom pom dress! It is the cutest thing over a bathing suit! Definitely need this fashion in my life!


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