things I can’t live without

Every 2o-something year old girl has her go-to core items she is absolutely obsessed with. I, of course, feel the same way about certain products. There are products that I’ve discovered and said to myself, “How did I ever, ever live without this?!” Running a health and wellness blog, I sometimes ask myself what makes me feel healthy and happy on a daily basis.

Well, these are the things! Most of these are fairly inexpensive and happen to be my absolute favorites. What are the things you swear by? I hate the word “thing” by the way. I wish I had a better word but you get it 😉

  1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm. Let’s take it back to sophomore year of high school when I was in my friend’s car on my way to golf practice (LOL) and I asked for lip balm and she gave me this and I was hooked. It smells amazing and it’s silky smooth on my lips and it’s soooooo hydrating. Friends of mine are always like, “You still use this stuff?” But then they try it and they know why.
  1. My beauty blender. When everyone began raving about the beauty blender, I was like – this is a glorified sponge…why would anyone buy this? Let’s flash forward to me now. I use this thing every. single. day. I use it for concealer, foundation, powder, baking, blending blush and bronzer, and it makes my makeup look so natural and flawless every time. I even bought the beauty blender cleanser because it deserves it.


  1. Joggers!! I really have too many to count. Joggers are seriously my go-to around the house. I come home, I put my joggers on. I love them so much. I feel more chic in them than sweats but it’s the same comfort and warmth. Plus, they’re just SO cozy.


  1. My apple TV. This is like the world’s best Christmas gift, FYI. Apple TV hooks up to your TV and you can get Netflix, Hulu, HBOgo, Showtime, etc. on here. I binge watch Netflix shows like it is nobody’s business so this is my jam. I also love to watch Catfish in my spare time and I’ll re-watch episodes when I’m doing stuff on my computer. DON’T JUDGE ME.


  1. My Kureg. I have coffee every single morning and have been doing so since high school. I love that it gives me the option to do 8 oz or 10 oz depending on how tired I am. For you die-hard bulletproof coffee lovers, those come in K-cups too.


  1. My adidas. Call me basic. I live in these shoes. My style can sometimes be pretty trendy and when I’m just running errands, I throw on jeans, a sweater, and these shoes to keep the style still looking cute. My mom thinks I look cuter in ballet flats but sorry mom these are way comfier.
  1. My swell water bottle. When I first got my swell, my boyfriend was like, “You just paid way too much for a water bottle.” But I got him one and he promptly shut up about it. They are seriously awesome because they keep water cold for up to 24 hours.  I bring ice cold water to the beach in the summer, leave it in the blazing sun, and still get to sip from the crispiest, coldest water whenever I want? Yes please.
  1. My Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I have occasional bursts of acne that I’d like to think would’ve gone away by now but nope. I’ve tried a lot of different products and found a few that 100% work and this is one of them. You just put a tiny bit onto a Q-tip and then a dot onto your pimple and it significantly shrinks overnight. If you use it every night, you’ll find your pimples will definitely decrease.


  1. Oh my gosh that Swell bottle is gorgeous! I have been getting these glass ones with a little rubber protection from Whole Foods (I can’t remember the brand), but I always break them 😦 AND joggers are my absolutely favorite lounge-wear / athleisure type pants. AND YES I need a blender, as well. I just got this really fun palette from Ulta that has all the colored concealers like… green and purple… should have grabbed a blender while I was there!


  2. Ooo I still have to buy a beauty blender!! I just thought it would soak up so much foundation. I do love my S’well bottle though ♥


  3. I totally need to get a beauty blender. I am so behind on things like that, BUT I rarely use makeup lol. Sad really. BUT I totally feel you on the apple TV! I have my amazon firestick that I jailbroke and I can watch movies that are in the movies! Every TV show I could think of! I got that, ADIOS CABLE! lolol!


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