bedroom reveal + fun fact Friday

First off, Happy Friday!! I am so excited for this week to be over. It’s been a little bit crazy for the past few days. Lets dive in– I know that the best way to get to know someone is by peering around their bedroom, which I always do when I’m in someones room (just being honest!) I think a bedroom is the best place to add little bits of you and what makes you happy. I’ve spent a long time collecting knick knacks and customizing my room so that it makes me feel comfortable, homey, and just where I belong.

Today, I figured I’d do a little #FunFactFriday by showing you my favorite parts of my room and explaining why I love them. This way you can learn more about me and hopefully, it will inspire you to do something similar with your room.

^ Ooops, let me just make my bed. This is embarrassing.

IMG_5420 (1)

  1. I love makeup. We weren’t allowed to wear makeup in middle school and when I started going to high school my grandma took me to the makeup counter at the mall and bought me all of these amazing products. Now I watch makeup tutorials in my free time.


2. I got a polaroid camera and I’m obsessed. I’m always trying to make people (*cough cough* my boyfriend) take pictures with me. I want to fill up an entire wall.


3. I love to travel and try to get knick-knacks wherever I go. I studied abroad in London and turned an old map into a sort of “memory” wall.


4. I color coordinate my bookshelf. I also made this DIY string outline of NJ with my sister before we went to college.


5. I am a big jewelry person. I also still wear Taylor Swift’s wonderstruck perfume. I know it’s a little embarrassing but it smells SO good.


6. I am a little obsessed with my boyfriend.


7 + 8. I always have fresh (or not so fresh…) flowers in my room. Also, my favorite artist is Gustav Klimt and this is my favorite painting. I got this one in Vienna after seeing it in the flesh!


8. My painting collection varies from these Mona Lisa / Queen Elizabeth look-a-likes to this oil painting I got from an artist in Paris.


9. On my night stand, there’s always a stack of books I am currently reminding myself to read or write in.


10. I collect vintage postcards. These are from Spain, Italy, California, and the Hamptons.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and I hope it inspires you to create a special place, filled with memories, in your own bedroom ❤



  1. I love the memory wall map! I am so big on mementos and photos from trips, and this is such a great way to display them!


  2. I am absolutely IN LOVE with your map memory wall. I love traveling too and I’ve been wanting to create something similar to mark the places I’ve visited. Thanks for the room tour! Love how you organized everything! Also, color coordinating your books is such a great idea haha. I need to start buying books in the same color. ❤



  3. WOWOWOW I love your room!!!!!! It’s totally gorgeous! And I have wanted a polaroid camera forever. Love the story about the makeup and your grandma taking you to get some when you got to high school. This looks incredible!


  4. I actually really love this post – it’s calming and refreshing. I have a Polaroid as well!! You’re SO lucky to study in London. I want to visit so darn bad. I’ve never beeen but I’m so obsessed with London.
    Your makeup corner is really cute too – I love makeup myself obviously hahahaha – I feature the Mario Badescu spray on the “Shop my favorites” page on my blog bc I love it that much. Great post babe xoxo


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