“bulking up” on oatmeal toppings

By: Hayley
If you’re like me, oatmeal is a staple breakfast food. Truly a classic. However, my one issue with it is that it never seems to fill me up or I find myself hungry 30 minutes later! Luckily, I’ve found some AMAZING foods to add-in that are not only delicious, but also help keep your tummy full and your hunger at bay! (Plus, some with health and beauty benefits!)

Shredded Coconut: My go to pick for this is Trader Joe’s Sweetened Shredded Coconut. Not only is it super sweet and delicious, but it adds a somewhat crunchy texture! In addition to it’s wonderful taste and texture, it’s also full of healthy fats that help fight off hunger! (YAY HEALTHY FATS!)


Greek Yogurt: Before you cringe or close your computer screen, I promise you that this is the bomb! I like to use about two spoon fulls of Fage 2%. What I love about Greek yogurt is that it’s filled with healthy fats, calcium, and so much protein! Plus, it makes your oatmeal super creamy and just so tasty! Pro-tip: Drizzle a little honey over it for extra sweetness.

Sub Soy Milk/Almond Milk for Water: I started doing this over a year ago and I have never looked back since. The great thing about subbing in soy/almond milk is that it has more substance (so to speak) than water. Not to mention, it makes your oatmeal thicker and sweeter! (Especially if you use vanilla flavored!!)

IMG_5395 (1)

Ground Flax Seeds (also know as Flax Seed Meal): While this one doesn’t really add any thing flavor or texture wise, the benefits are so worth the addition!! While flax seed meal offers those lovely healthy fats that I mentioned before, it’s also LOADED with omega-3 fatty acids (specifically alpha-linolenic acid). Translation? It helps contribute to keeping your hair and skin healthy and hydrated! Staying full AND beautiful hair and skin? Yes please!

Dark Chocolate Chips: Yep, you read that right! CHOCOLATE! Dark chocolate has so many great antioxidants and a fat content will aide in maintaining your fullness. Adding a tablespoon to your morning oatmeal is a perfect little treat! (I recommend it with bananas and peanut butter!!) And who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast?!

Peanut Butter/Almond Butter: I don’t mean this lightly when I say, this combination just might be better than sex…let that sink in. A spoon full (or two, I won’t tell) of peanut butter not only thickens your oatmeal, but truly just makes it taste like heaven in a bowl. And lets not forget the amount of healthy fats and protein in peanut butter that help to keep our tummies happy and full!

IMG_5391 (1)

Fruit: Blueberries, and Strawberries, and Bananas, OH MY!

Mixed Nuts/Trail Mix : What’s not to love? They’ve got your protein, your healthy fats, they add a crunchy texture, they’ve got it all! Also if you go the trail mix route, I highly recommend Trader Joe’s Go Raw Trek Mix! It contains cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and raisins!

IMG_5399 (1)IMG_5401



  1. I eat oatmeal a lot, as does my family, so we’re always looking for new ways to change it up. I never thought about the shredded coconut. We’ll definitely have to try that out! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Yes yes yes!! We’re fans of adding lots of fun ingredients to our oatmeal too. But now I’m wondering why we’ve never done almond butter before!! Going to give that a try for sure.


  3. You have a lovely blog filled with many wonderful ideas, recipes and incentives. Your photos really complement your posts as well. After recently embarking on my own wellness journey, I am happy to have found your blog and am looking forward to following along for inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing :).


  4. I have overnight oats for breakfast at least 3 times a week. I LOVE them and they’re so easy to grab in the morning before I head off to work. If you haven’t tried Eating Evolved’s Toasted Coconut Butter I highly recommend. I drizzle it on top with berries, cacao nibs, some slivered almonds, and honey.


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