my morning face wash routine

Each morning, when I wake up, I don’t feel 100% right unless I turn on the sink and wash my face. First of all, it makes me feel fresh and wakes me up. But washing your skin in the morning also gets rid of dead skin cells and removes excess oil. Not to mention hydrates your face, helps to maintain proper pore size, and helps with anti-aging and acne! Plus, I alway want a fresh face to apply makeup to- like an artist with a blank canvas. 😉

Here are my morning skincare steps and top picks for face products right now.

  • I use my Dermalogica clearing skin wash with my foreo. I got the foreo because I wanted a product that cleansed my face more than my hands did and that dug deep into my pores to remove excess makeup, oil, etc. It’s an added bonus that I rarely need to clean it or charge it. (It last 3 months on 1 charge!) and that’s great in my book.



  • I spray my face with my favorite Mario Badescu facial spray w/ rosewater, aloe, and herbs. It smells amazing and wakes my skin up before I put on my primer and makeup. Tip: You can use it after your makeup too as a setting spray.


I’m always trying out new products and switching up my skincare routine so I’ll be sure to continue to create these types of posts if it interests you guys! 🙂




  1. Your skin is glowing! 3 months on one charge is amazing, I am absolutely going to look into this I’m always on the hunt for new skin care products. Thank you so much for sharing this review!:)


  2. I love reading peoples’ face wash routines because MINE IS TERRIBLE. Haha thank you for the awesome ideas. I also need to get one of those little blenders. Thanks for this post and gorgeous photos!


  3. My face wash routine is totally like non-existent! I so want a good one so seeing yours makes me want to go and get some products like now! AND I love Aveeno! YAY! love your gorgeous photos! 🙂


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