my top 10 ways to de-stress

I am naturally someone who is not often anxious or stressed. However, when something is bothering me, it turns around in my head for days at a time until I can figure it out and / or calm down. When I come home from a particularly hectic, rough day, these are my tips and tricks for de-stessing, unwinding, and relaxing.

It is also important to note that you need to take a break from whatever is causing you to panic and worry. I know it’s impossible! But try to take a step back and just focus on making yourself feel happier for as much time as you’ll allow yourself.

  1. Exercise! I know already you’re annoyed at me. But I’m not saying you have to run 5 miles or kill yourself. Go for a bike ride, take a walk around the block, or lift some weights. It’ll make you feel better about yourself and boost your endorphins, which make you happy. (Science, people.)


  1. Read a book. Put your phone away…and your laptop…and your iPad. Just open up a book and immerse yourself in someone else’s world for a bit. It’ll distract you for a while, plus reading is more stimulating for your brain than mindless videos on Twitter.


  1. Take a bubble bath. I love baths. I love to buy myself bath bombs and bath foam and use them throughout the colder months. I also use this little bath caddy which holds my book / iPad so I can read or watch Netflix without worrying about them getting wet.
  1. Journal. Sometimes, putting pen to paper is the only way to get my thoughts out. I know this may be the writer-brain in me but I truly do think that it ends up giving you a new perspective on the situation.


  1. Get ice cream w/ a friend or family member. Talk it out over your creamy flavor of choice! Whenever one of us needs to talk something out, my best friend Cat or myself will send the text: ice cream? It means: clear some time in your evening to hear me vent.
  1. Buy yourself something new for your house. No need to go crazy. String lights, a new candle, a tiny succulent, a new dish towel, etc. Something new to make your home feel a little more fresh.


  1. Get yourself a salt lamp. I have one and I love the soft glow it emits at night. It’s a much nicer alternative than a desk lamp and there are many actual calming benefits to the amber light the salt lamps give off.
  1. Finally, play your favorite music. I love 40’s music. If I am feeling blah I play some and bake. Maybe it’s the mouth-watering smells, the process of creating something delicious, or the fun music that boosts my mood but it always works.


  1. This is Beautiful! I struggle with anxiety and depression so I have a tendency to focus on the most miniscule problems. Don’t even get me started on the big and real problems!
    Exercise is my get away 🙂 It is the biggest calming mechanism for me. I just throw in my headphones and lift weights or jog 🙂
    I have never heard of a salt lamp! That is so interesting and something I need to try 🙂

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