quick florida getaway

I decided to share some pics from Florida with you guys. They are all shot on my iPhone so bare that in mind. We were in Naples and it was honestly so nice to just relax in the sun for a few days. I got a little bit of a sunburn but it turned into a tan and I felt so happy about that. I wish tans never faded!

I am someone who definitely needs to beat the winter blues when the weather gets cold and the sky gets gray. I miss the color of summer: bright green trees, royal blue water shimmering from the river, colorful golden sunsets, ripe, juicy fruit ready to devour, and so much more. But I live in NJ, where winter rolls in every single year despite my complaining so I am putting together a list of the best things to do if you feel the way I do.

  • Book a trip! Mostly every year, my family has been fortunate enough to plan a trip in the wintertime to a warmer climate. In high school and college, we got to go to some amazing islands in the Caribbean. Even if the getaway is small it can be affordable, like a cruise.
  • Join a gym! The winter is a great time to get in shape because you can work towards feeling confident and happy when the weather gets warm and your bikini comes out of the closet.


  •  Spend some time with your family! Being with your family for a few days for any occasion (ski trip, museum visit, pizza-making night) is fun because you can take time to slow down and catch up.
  • Treat yourself! I got a massage in Florida and it felt amazing and much needed.


  • Make a coffee date w/ an old friend. Since graduating college, I realized I see my college buds WAY less than usual. It makes me sad so I have been trying to set actual dates and plans to spend time with them.
  • Change up your hair, nails, room, etc! Making small changes make us so much more creative and happier, too. Get your nails done a bight color, dye your hair lighter (or darker), add a new tapestry over your bed… make small changes to make everyday that much more exciting.
  • Pray. If it’s not your thing then that’s cool too! But I pray daily to remind myself that I have a lot to be grateful for and it has made me realize that the list is very long.




  1. Hi Carlie,

    I am loving your blog! And yes everyone, I am partial to my pretty,and multi talented niece. It’s just that I am so proud of her. I have a question please. I know chia seeds are good for you, but do they change the taste of your drink?


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