Cooking Playlist by Steph

Hi Guys! Today’s post is a little different because I asked my twin sister Steph to create a cooking playlist for me. I’ve never met someone who can so easily find great music and create awesome playlists. She should honestly just work for iTunes or Spotify curating playlists because she is so good at it.

Below is a little interview between Steph and I and the playlist to listen to as your read along or bake or cook:

Carlie: Ok, Hi Steph! Thanks for making this playlist. Why did you choose this kind of music?

Steph: Hey there! No problem, I love making playlists. For me, cooking and baking is about relaxing, having fun and getting creative with the process so I chose music that reflects those ideas.

C: That’s cool. It’s a great playlist. What is your favorite thing to cook or bake in the kitchen?

S: I love to cook pasta, always trying to find new recipes. I cook a lot of Asian as well, I make a mean Sesame Chicken Noodles. For baking I just need it to have as much chocolate as possible so my go-to is brownies.

C: Yes, well your favorite cake is chocolate peanut butter. Besides good music, what does a good meal have to have?

S: Nothing else compares to that cake. For a good meal you need great flavor, great people to be eating with and some great wine to go with obviously.

C: I knew you’d say wine! Ok, which song is your favorite on the playlist?

S: What are you implying? And gonna go with Pink + White because I’m on a big Frank Ocean kick right now.

C: Nothing…nothing… you just like wine a lot haha and good choice! Last question- what are you making / ordering for dinner tonight?

S: I am actually looking up recipes right now! I bought salmon at the grocery store for the first time in almost forever so trying to find a fun recipe.

C: Yum yum! Good luck 😀

Steph and I in Vienna, Austria 

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